Fun and Interesting Information in the Dog World!

  • DIY Wild Bird Seed Ornaments!

    We found the idea originally on Pinterest and then decided to try making a few different kinds of bird seed ornaments that can be used to attract birds to your property. We decided to put our real tree near our window when we removed it, giving us more visibility of the different wildlife that will come!
  • Nail Clipping Versus Grinding

    Hearing that clickity click sound on your kitchen floor? It may be a sign that your dog is in desperate need of a nail clipping! Find out which method is best for your pooch.
  • West Highland Terrier's: How to groom at home during quarantine

    The West Highland White Terrier A West Highland White Terrier, or "Westie", is a small but sturdy dog in the terrier group that used to be used ...
  • How to maintain your dog's coat during COVID19

    With grooming being a non-essential service, most groomers are closed which leaves many pooch parents worried about what to do with their dogs coats! We all don't know how long this will last so it is important to create a grooming plan for your dog based on their breed and coat. Just like humans, dogs need to keep up with maintenance when it comes their coat. We wash and brush our hair on the regular to make sure it stays fresh, why don't we do the same with our beloved pooches.
  • DIY and Repurposed Pet Ornaments

    It’s time to get crafty for Christmas with these fun DIY dog tree ornaments!