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DIY Wild Bird Seed Ornaments!

With everyone in lockdown, it is good to keep busy and find things to do around the house!

We found the idea originally on Pinterest and then decided to try making a few different kinds of bird seed ornaments that can be used to attract birds to your property. We decided to put our real tree near our window when we removed it, giving us more visibility of the different wildlife that will come!

diy wild bird seed ornaments

This is a great project for your kids and you, they will love putting everything together, with a little bit of your help!

Things you will need:

  • Pinecones
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Peanut Butter
  • Butter Knife
  • Bird Seed Mix
  • Additional Nuts (as per preference)
  • Twine
  • Cooking Sheets

We have 2 different projects for you to try instructions for each are below, we hope you have fun creating some treats for wildlife. Be sure to hashtag #HolliePaws to show us how you did!

Pine Cone and Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

These first 2 ornaments are super easy, before you begin get all of your pinecones, twine, peanut butter, butter knife, and cooking sheets.

First cut your toilet paper rolls into 3 and tie a piece of twine on each making a loop to hang once it is finished! Secondly tie a piece of twine around each pinecone also creating a loop to hang.

diy wild bird seed ornament

diy wild bird seed ornament

Once you have completed this, Place your bird seed mix and any nuts onto a cooking sheet (or any type of tray). Using your butter knife get peanut butter all over the pinecones and inside and outside of the toilet paper rolls.

diy wild bird seed ornaments

Next dip and get the bird seed attached to the peanut butter. Leave in the freezer for the evening and hang the next day!

diy wild bird seed ornaments

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