Dogs are just like us and when they look good they feel good too! Ever get that boost of confidence when you leave the salon? The same goes for our fur-babies and we want them to leave feeling great and knowing they look like a million bucks! We provide one on one grooming services to clientele who live in the Clarington area including Newtonville, Newcastle, Bowmanville, Courtice, Port Hope, Cobourg, Hampton and Kendal!

What is a one-on-one grooming service?

We only book one dog at a time unlike many salons who use what I like to call a "production line technique", which can cause extra stress to an already overwhelmed dog in a new/different environment. Walking into many of these places you will see dogs crammed into tiny crates but, we are a create free facility (only do we use crates under an owners request). We believe that your dog should have a positive experience every time they come into HolliePaws and are excited to offer a service! where the dog gets the personalized care and love they deserve!

Browse through our Services Offered and find the PAWfect option for your fur-baby. Please be advised that all prices are to give you an idea of what the price is but, please be aware that prices vary based on breed, coat type, amount of mats and much more. Before booking fill out the grooming form below and email it to and Hollie will be able to get you an accurate price quote before your appointment!

Grooming Services Offered

Basic Bath + Blowdry + Brushout

- Bath with shampoo and conditioner to suit your dogs needs with massage
- Blow-dry and Brush-out of fur
- Nail Trimming
- Ear Cleaning

Price varies based on breed, size and coat condition please message us for a price quote!

Deluxe BBB with Styled Cut

- Bath with a deluxe shampoo, exfoliator and conditioner by Warren London to suit your dogs needs with 15 minute relaxing massage
- Cucumber Melon Foaming Facial
- Blow-dry and Brush-out
- Styled Cut to your preference
- Nail Trimming with a relaxing PAWdicure oil massage
- Ear Cleaning
- A special surprise

Price varies based on breed, size and coat condition please message us for a price quote!

Introduction To Grooming:

Stage One:
Allows your puppy to get used to the salon environment including different smells and sounds.
Soft Brush-out
Ear Cleaning
Nail Trim *dependent on behaviour*

Stage Two:
Now that they are comfortable let's get to the good stuff, book in a few weeks afterwards.
Puppy styled cut
Ear Cleaning
Nail Trim

Price varies based on breed, size and coat condition please message us for a price quote!

A La Carte Add-on Options:
- Speciality Shampoo and Conditioners
- PAWdicure includes nail trim or grind, nourishing paw oil massage and your choice of Warren London nail polish colour $20 and up
- Flea or Skunk Bath
- Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning $10
- Nail Grinding & Ear Cleaning $15
- Dematting or Deshedding Extra Brushing Time $15 per 30 minutes
- Ear Plucking
- Tick Removal
- Birthday Spa Days
- OPAWZ Colouring Dying
- And Much More!

Please contact us for pricing!

Pricing Available Upon Request, Please Download Our Grooming Release Form And Send To For A Price Estimate!

* Have more questions for our team? Please feel free to send us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!